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TLC Laundry Profile

Laundromat Profile – TLC Laundry

TLC Laundry

In this featured laundromat profile, Dennis Lock invites us into his new store, TLC Laundry and gives us insight into his journey as a new laundry investor.

Store Name: TLC Laundry
Location: Towson , Maryland
Opened 7/19/2023

Machine Mix
Washers: 80lbs (2) 60 lbs (4 ) 40lbs ( 10 ) 20lbs ( 10)
Dryers: 75lbs (2) 45lbs (16) 30lbs ( 10)


In addition to self-serve laundry, what other services do you offer?
We also offer WDF service and we are exploring pick up /delivery model in the next few months as business grows.

Was this is a new build or a remodel?
I am fortunate to own the property so I did a complete inside and outside remodel of my existing building for the new laundromat.

What are some of the upgrades and features?
We upgraded the building to add (10) 10×7 windows on the front and sides of the building to let lots of light in. This also makes it extremely visible from the road especially at night. It gives customers a greater sense of security being open , super bright and see through. We also put stylish benches outside for customers to sit instead of being stuck inside.

What features set your store apart from nearby competitors?
I looked at all the laundromats anywhere near my location. I found them all to be dingy , dull , and somewhat depressing. Not where I would want to spend any amount of time. I strived to make my store modern, stylish , bright and cheerful . All stone accented walls , cheerful colors and logos and super bright at night. I gave it somewhat of a boutique feel with neon signs, cool seating and funny laundry signs.

How would you sum up your journey in laundry so far?
I have been open for 2 weeks now and this is my first store. So far, I am enjoying the journey and gaining new customers every day. Running a business is always hard work but so far, I feel like the laundromat business is pretty simple to operate.

What is your advice to other new investors who are embarking on their laundry journey?
My advice would be to make your store stand out from the rest. Make it a place people do not dread spending time at. If you have the time and can handle the stress, contract the construction yourself . You can save thousands and may be able to use the savings to make a nice product. People love the feeling of a well-kept , clean facility.