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Our Fundamentals

At Eastern Funding, we are driven by a desire to help our customers succeed. We understand that each person in the company plays a role in making this happen and we support each other in those roles. Our guiding principles – our Fundamentals – define the way we go about making this happen. We live them every day. These principles, distilled into 29 powerfully simple and unambiguous directives serve as a guide to how we work.

  1. Do The Right Thing
  2. Make quality personal
  3. Make a great impression
  4. Just Do It
  5. Be a detective
  6. Listen Generously
  7. Speak straight
  8. Set and ask for expectations
  9. Focus on the customer
  10. Be Proactive
  11. Follow-up everything
  12. Work with a sense of urgency
  13. Honor Commitments
  14. Document everything
  15. Be organized
  16. Check your ego at the door
  17. Be a team player
  18. Be a source of meaningful acknowledgement and appreciation
  19. Practice blameless problem solving
  20. Be performance driven
  21. Be relentless about continuous improvement
  22. Do it right the first time
  23. Ask good questions to get good answers
  24. Manage the business as if it’s your own
  25. Make voicemail a valuable tool
  26. “Bring it” every day
  27. Be flexible
  28. Be compassionate
  29. Keep things fun