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New Store

Developing a New Store?

Get started with new store financing from Eastern Funding.

Whether it is a new laundromat or car wash location, not only do you need to find a prime location, hire employees and buy or lease equipment for your new store, but you’ll need to have the capital to get it all done.

Today, acquiring financing for your store comes down primarily to three key criteria:

  1.       Your creditworthiness
  2.       Cash investment into your new laundromat business
  3.       Quality of the site

Eastern Funding offers financing options you need to help get your new laundromat, car wash and even grocery/deli or other business off the ground. Our experienced loan officers can help you navigate financing that is unique as your individual scenario.

Tell us about your project via the form below, including how much financing you need and one of our loan officers will contact you. Get started on your new store journey today.