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Business Loans

Business owners may be looking for financing in order to help improve their standing and promote growth. Sometimes, this can be difficult to obtain, and companies may come across options that don’t completely keep in mind the needs of their own business and industry. This is why working with Eastern Funding may be best, as we will work with you to ensure that your requirements are met.

What is a commercial loan

When trying to secure financing, it may be a good plan to seek out a commercial loan. These options are typically provided by a bank to businesses that need it for a variety of reasons such as:

●     Operations – This type is just to help ensure that operations at the business continue smoothly.

●     Creating a new business – There are also options that allow business owners to create an additional operation, or even start their first from scratch.

●     Purchasing supplies – Loans are also available to help business owners better afford the machines and supplies that are necessary to best serve customers and bring in revenue.

Types of commercial loans

These  are typically provided through one of two options – fixed or variable rates. When a business owner grabs a loan with a fixed rate, they will have a flat fee that they pay throughout the life of the loan. Meanwhile, a loan that has a variable rate will change, depending upon the terms agreed upon at the beginning of the loan. These can be more flexible, and are typically popular with smaller loan options.

How credit plays a role
Business owners will need to prove they have good credit in order to get a loan with strong terms, or even obtain a one at all. This can be complicated, but the main idea is that these individuals will need to provide some type of documentation that proves they have the ability to pay back the loan and interest.

Taking the time to speak with a representative at Eastern Funding may help paint a better picture of how to obtain a commercial loan, while getting a financing plan that works specifically for the business. Contact us today to get started on your next venture with the funding needed for success.