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This Laundry owner went big in building his Laundry Kingdom

He chose financing from Eastern Funding to power his project.

Steve Smith is not easily intimidated – no matter the size of the challenge. From the age of 22 when he started his own storefront construction company from scratch, to being a multi laundry owner, and multi-fitness center owner, he has always aimed higher and taken on big challenges.

His Laundry Kingdom laundries are examples of businesses that are focused on the customer with high speed, high capacity machines, drop-off services, lots of space, and amenities. Steve knows what it takes to be a top laundry owner!

The laundry owners who operates Laundry Kingdom understands what it takes to build a dream laundry and he finances with Eastern Funding
Laundry Kingdom
New laundry development
What you need to start a new coin laundry.