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4 benefits of new equipment at your laundromat


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4 benefits of new equipment at your laundromat

Sometimes, your laundry business doesn’t need a major renovation or expansion. Maybe you just need a smaller upgrade to keep your laundromat moving in the right direction.

One such upgrade is new equipment. Your laundromat could have outdated machines, which can be costing you time and money. On the other hand, newer equipment can be a serious boost to your business, whether you are replacing or adding. Best of all, this type of transaction is relatively affordable, often going for less than $200,000.

So, what are the benefits of bringing in new machines into your laundromat? Here are four:

“In addition to efficient, new machines simply look better.”

1. Improved appearance
Before we can talk about the performance perks of new equipment, we should consider what the new machines will do to the marketing side of your laundromat. On one hand, older machines tend to look outdated, inefficient and even sometimes dirty and unattractive. On the other hand, new machines will look cleaner, more efficient and more attractive. You can advertise that you have top-of-the-line machines in your laundromat, and customers will get a sense that your business offers the best service around.

2. Reduced costs
After the relatively small upfront cost of new machines for your laundromat, this upgraded equipment will actually start saving you money. For starters, newer machines are more energy efficient. Most commercial washers and dryers from top companies now emphasize lower utility bills and reduced water and electricity usage. Therefore, you’ll likely start seeing reduced monthly costs once the machines are in place. You could even see an increase in business, as word spreads that you have high-quality equipment at your laundromat. Naturally, an increase in profits will help offset any costs you’ve accrued from installing new machines.

3. Faster turn-around
Long wash and dry times are the bane of any laundromat’s existence. If a customer has to spend hours in your store, they’ll be taking away machines from other patrons, plus they’ll be bored. They could even opt for another laundromat with faster wash and dry times. With new machines, you can reduce the length of a standard wash/dry cycle. Modern equipment can work faster, all while using less water and energy. This means you’ll have a quicker turn-around time, and you’ll be able to get more customers in and out of your doors in any given day.

“Upgraded equipment is more versatile, flexible and functional.”

4. More versatility
What type of clothing and fabrics can your customers wash? Can they run through quilts, blankets, jackets as well as silks and cotton? With older machines, your customers could have been limited in their options. They might have to pick and choose which machine they used depending on their needs, or even head to a different business to wash the heavy stuff. Now, with new equipment, they don’t have to make that choice. Today’s machines are more versatile, so they can wash and dry a wider range of clothing and fabrics at once, with no risk of damaging the equipment.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to live with outdated machines in your laundromat. It doesn’t cost a lot to upgrade, and there are affordable financing options available should you need assistance. Best of all, there are a number of rewards for having new machines installed. These benefits can easily recoup any expenses to begin with, and you’ll make a change that is in the best interests of your business and your customers.

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