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The Eastern Way: Fundamental #9 – Focus on the customer


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The Eastern Way: Fundamental #9 – Focus on the customer

This fundamental was written by Jeff Bodvake. Jeff began his career as an entrepreneur in the food service industry where he was involved in construction and management of a multi-unit restaurant chain. Utilizing his experiences as an entrepreneur, he brought this foundation to the specialty vehicle lending industry in 1999 when he joined Network Capital, part of the Network Group of companies. As a business development manager for Network, Jeff quickly became a lending specialist to the towing and recovery industry. Jeff joined the Specialty Vehicle and Equipment Funding Group as a Regional Business Manager where he has already distinguished himself as an outstanding member of the marketing team. He continues to specialize in the tow and recovery industry. The management of the Specialty Vehicle and Equipment Funding Group is delighted to have a professional of Jeff’s quality as an integral member of the staff.


Definition: A person or thing of a specific kind that one has to deal with ;a tough customer; a cool customer

The first question we have to ask ourselves is why are customers important in our line of business ? Without them we have nothing. They are the resource upon which the success of the business depends. When we think about the importance of our customer base, we need to remember the following :

  1. Repeat business is the backbone of selling. It helps to provide revenue and certainty for the business
  2. We as a company are dependent on these customers. If we do not develop customer loyalty and satisfaction, we would not exist as a company.
  3. The purpose of the company is to fulfill the needs of the customer.
  4. Our customers make it possible to achieve our business and personal long term goals.

Customer satisfaction is the heart of the selling process. It is said that it costs five times as much to attract new customers as it does to keep an existing one. Customers are becoming more demanding. They now expect almost everything, such as low costs,and high quality customer service, so we must constantly find ways to improve to do things better knowing that the customers will demand more going forward.

Years ago the customer had limited choices. Now with the internet and other advertising resources, customers have a wide range of products, features and services.The relationship between you and the customer begins the moment you pick up the phone, so this is your first and ONLY opportunity to make a good impression. When you are approached by the customer, it is important to listen to their needs, smile and be upbeat whether in person or on the phone, as that negative energy can be felt even when through telephone lines. Identify what their specific needs are and be sure that you follow through on those specific needs. In some situations, as a sales person, you need to be a counselor. Just being there for the customer and listening to them, whether it is on a business level or personal level, is all that is sometimes needed. A little human touch of compassion goes a long way, and finding a way to connect with your customer (and his or her heart ) can lead to multiple deals in the future.

Quote: “The fish is a slippery customer and very hard to catch”

So when you get that customer on the line and reel them in, make sure that they are a keeper forever.