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Eastern Funding Laundry Business Workshop Series

Eastern Funding LLC, the premier financial lender to laundromats, announced the launch of its latest round of workshops for laundry businesses. The in-person workshops are designed to provide a forum for laundry owners, prospective investors, and other industry participants a forum in which they can gain actionable information to help improve their businesses.

“Our workshops are focused on laundry owners and are tailored to answer some of the most pressing questions they have on how to make their businesses better. The lunch meeting setting ensures that participants can engage in deep dives and in-depth problem-solving. Our workshops present an invaluable opportunity for laundry owners to gain additional resources to help their business thrive”, notes Tony Regan, Executive Vice President of Sales at Eastern Funding.

The first workshop in the relaunched series will be held in Orlando on February 20, 2024, followed by Fort Lauderdale on February 21. Baltimore and Philadelphia workshops will take place on March 13 and 14 respectively. Registration for these workshops is free and open to all industry participants. The full workshop schedule and registration information can be found at