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5 Traits of ZombieMat Owners


by Brian “The ZombieMat Slayer” Grell

By now you probably know what a ZombieMat is. You’ve seen them. You’ve probably done your laundry in one of these ZombieMats. Even worse, you may even be a ZombieMat owner!

zombiemat owner traits

5 Traits of ZombieMat Operators

The ZombieMat owner is a unique breed. Surprisingly, they are not always struggling or starving entrepreneurs. Many ZombieMat owners just simply lack the passion and enthusiasm for making their laundry business a thriving retail location. Amazingly, there are actually ZombieMat operators’ stores that are making money.

Here are 5 traits of ZombieMat Operators:

  1. They cling to old machines. They see no value in upgrading their old dilapidated equipment. The “Out of Service Sign” is their calling card that is plastered all over their laundromats.
  2. They’re are not bothered by untrained and unprofessional attendants running their stores. Walk into one of these laundries and its likely you will not be able to tell the attendant from the customer. In an updated, well-run store, the attendant will be dressed in a branded shirt and/or apron with the name of the laundromat on it. Moreover, the owner is a visible presence.
  3. Their stores have faded signage featuring a generic name. “Laundromat”, “Lavanderia”, “Washateria” and “Coin Laundry”: these are the names they give their store and proudly display on their uninviting signage. A great store will be branded with a unique name and bright, well-lit signage.
  4. They do not advertise. Social media is a foreign concept to them. There is no use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website, or any other social media platform as part of their business.
  5. The bathrooms in their ZombieMats are less than appealing.

In a nutshell, ZombieMat owners think short term. They don’t see the benefits of retooling no matter how obvious. They lose customers due to broken down machines instead of investing in new machines that have less down time, maintenance costs and can drive revenue.

Don’t be a ZombieMat owner. Upgrade your laundromat so that your customers can have a memorable experience every time they wash in your store. Become a top operator by rejecting ZombieMats. Step into the light by upgrading your marketing with social media, apps and a stunning website.

Escape the temptation of operating a ZombieMat.

Embrace the latest successful trends in the industry and pave the way to greater success and more importantly, profitability.



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