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A Passion for Helping People

Robert Renteria is passionate about helping his community

One of the unchanging things about the laundry industry is the passion for people that is ever present and the willingness of members to give back to their communities. For some, the passion grows from their interaction with customers, for others it predates their life in laundry.

Robert Renteria is known for his efforts to uplift his community and just about everyone he comes in contact with. A laundry broker and consultant, Robert is co-founder of Wash Broker, LTD ( , based in Chicago. Wash Broker, LTD works with laundromat owners to evaluate opportunities in the laundry business as well as serves as a broker for those selling or acquiring laundries. Robert’s passion for laundry is perhaps only outdone by his passion for helping the under-served succeed. This passion has served him well as an elite soldier in the U.S. Army; a top sales executive in the laundry industry; Chairman of the World Boxing Council’s Youth Committee and the many other roles in which he has served in and excelled.

Robert Renteria
Robert Renteria

Co-Founder of Wash Broker LTD

Robert is also an author and in his book, From the Barrio to the Boardroom, he tells the story of his journey from poverty in an extremely poor neighborhood to successful corporate executive and current business owner. Robert has shared his story with many corporate audiences in motivational speeches and training workshops. His trio of books which includes Mi Barrio and Little Barrio has been used in curricula as teaching tools to help tackle difficult issues including youth violence and bullying. Robert credits his Latino culture and his focus on family as the driving force behind his desire to help people.

Robert Renteria
Cover images of Robert Renteria’s Barrio books.

After 29 years in the laundry industry, Robert Renteria considers himself more than a broker or a distributor but rather as a business consultant. “I help potential and existing owners avoid situations where they may become oversold, over leveraged or under collateralize in their transactions because my goal is to see every laundry business owner succeed.”

“It’s not about the product, it is making sure we are transparent and guiding our customers in ways that help so that they are financially sound and stable and able to grow” he added. Robert often recommends Eastern Funding too many of his clients who seek financing for their laundry business transaction for that reason.