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Customer Testimonial Oz Laundry

Customer Success Story – Oz Laundry

Oz Laundry in Decatur, Georgia, is a vibrant store. The overall design, including the vivid colors and spacious layout, makes this welcoming laundromat appealing to customers. The operator, Stan Sugarman, is skilled in building great spaces due to prior experience in developing apartments. Stan’s inspiration for working with laundromats sparked from encountering a small old metal building blocked from view on a busy street. He instantly made it his mission to fix up the laundromat. By organizing the overcrowded equipment, Stan straightened up the place but he was not 100% satisfied with the results.

Thus, for Oz laundry, Stan prioritizes making this laundromat pleasant and comforting instead of making laundry feel like a liability for customers. Stan fulfills his vision of making Oz a comforting laundromat for customers by providing high speed equipment, automatic doors, and ozone machines. The laundry business is specialized because it has a specific equipment-based skill set instead of a broad one like other businesses. Stan easily chooses Eastern Funding as his lender because EF is one of the few lenders who proficiently understands the laundry business. Eastern Funding provides Stan with the upmost resources, finances, and knowledge that benefits his laundry business.

The greatest priority at Oz Laundry for Stan is customer service. Stan emphasizes the satisfaction and comfort of customers by providing a clean, well-lit, secure place. By making different payment systems accessible for customers, Stan creates an inclusive environment for various customers. With the utilization of ozone machines, there is always a guarantee of clean smelling laundry. At Oz laundry, Stan encourages treating customers right in order to keep them happy.