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Don’t Gamble With Old Machines. Retool Your Laundromat.


  • Are the washers and dryers in your laundromat more than 10 years old?
  • Do you have a long-term lease or own the building?
  • Do you plan on keeping the store?
If you answered yes to all three questions, then a retool should be in your plans for your store. With new machines and a refurbished store, the odds are in your favor for greater efficiency, lower utilities bills and a better experience for your customers.

Lower Utilities

Today’s advanced machines run faster, cleaner and more efficient than those of yesteryear, They use less energy to do more. What does this mean for you? It means lower electricity bills, lower water bills and real returns on efficiency. For your customers, it often means shorter wash and dry times and more time for them to do other things than being in a laundromat.

Increased Revenues

Advertise your new, bigger, faster machines and help draw more customers to your store. The new machines give you room to raise vend prices as well. The increased revenue combined with lower utility costs can positively boost your bottom line.

No More ZombieMats!

With aesthetic and functional updates to your store, including the new machines, chances are you’re no longer be rolling the dice on a ZombieMat. (What’s a ZombieMat?).  Once you’ve gotten rid of the those old machines, what you have now is a retooled and rehabbed store. You should be feeling re-invigorated, as should your employees and most importantly, your customers. You’ve now completed the 3 Rs of the Laundry Business – Retool, Rehab and Reinvigorate.

For an old, run down zombie store with its old machines, retooling is much less of a gamble than continuing business on its current meandering path. What will you put your money on? The same old way of doing business that sucks the life out of potential profits or a better way that helps you become a top operator?

Is there a ZombieMat you’d like to buy and retool? Eastern Funding can help. Get started with a free laundry acquisition information packet.

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