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Eastern Funding Supports the Laundry Literacy Initiative

The Wash, Read, Play ‘n Learn initiative is a way for laundromats to give back to the communities they serve by providing a designated place for children to read and learn.

laundry literacy kit in Eastern Funding booth

Neighborhood laundromats are being transformed into places of literacy and learning. At the forefront of this initiative is the Laundry Literacy Coalition formed by Laundry Cares, Libraries Without Borders and Too Small to Fail, who are joining forces for this great movement.

In addition to using its platform as a leader in the industry to encourage laundromat owners to give back to their communities by hosting literacy events and installing reading areas in their stores, Eastern Funding has contributed direct financial resources to the effort.

“As a company, giving back is in our DNA.” Notes Michael Fanger, President of Eastern Funding. “The promotion of childhood literacy in laundromats is a meaningful and significant trend in the laundry industry and Eastern Funding is proud to play a part.”

As part of helping to promote the initiative, Eastern Funding displayed a sample laundry literacy kit in its booth at the Clean Show in New Orleans.