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How to Improve Your Grocery Store Business

Your neighborhood grocery store is important to your community. It serves a hub of activity and easy-to-get-to source of grocery and supplies. But can your grocery store do even more for your community while becoming more profitable?

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Upgrading your grocery business can lead to more customers,more revenue and a way to stay ahead of the competition. Here are some ways you can make your grocery or deli better:

Replace the Old Equipment

Equipment upgrades can reduce utility bills. The years old beverage coolers and freezers in your store are likely to be highly inefficient and unnecessarily increasing your utility bills and eating into your profits.Newer equipment uses more advanced technology. From more smart temperature controls, high tech compressors and inverters, to motion activated LED lighting to door alarms on refrigerators that remind customers to close them, these new features help to lower your utility bills.

Brighten Your Store

Consider changing out the lighting in your store to LED bulbs which use less energy and can be much brighter than traditional fluorescent bulbs. The larger your store, the greater you savings can be. In addition to saving energy, the brighter lights and modern equipment will give your store the look and feel customers will appreciate.

Improve Your Merchandise Displays

Customers are more likely to buy products, especially food and groceries, when they look good and are neatly displayed. Clutters display cases, dirty glasses on the displays and untidy shelves all discourage customers from buying. To declutter your store displays, go through your inventory and eliminate the non-selling items. This will make the faster selling items stand out more.

Focus on Better Marketing

Can your store be found on Google? Does it show up on maps with the correct name and telephone number? Can customers find your current deli menu and/or prices on the web? Updating your marketing efforts to meet these goals can bring new customers through the doors of your grocery business. More customers equal more money.

 Better marketing means making your store stand out. Generic names such “Grocery” or “Deli” do not stand out. Choose a unique name that resonates with your customer base and neighborhood and put it on a bright sign on the outside of your store where is easier to read from a distance.

Add-on Business for More Revenue

Consider adding delivery as a service to your grocery business. We are in the age of convenience when customers, especially younger customers, can order up what they need by delivery via their phone. Even if the demographic in your store’s neighborhood isn’t ready for app delivery, you can generate additional revenue by offering fast delivery.

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