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Michael Fanger talks at United Bodega of America membership launch.

Launch of United Bodega of America’s Membership Program

Eastern Funding’s president Micheal Fanger speaks at The United Bodega of America public membership launch

Eastern Funding's president Michael Fanger at the launch of United Bodega of America membership.

United Bodega of America recently launched their United Bodega of America membership program to extend its membership to the public. United Bodega of America is an organization made up of bodega owners who lobby for causes related to their business. Members of United Bodega of America educate the public on bodega fundamentals and common industry concerns.

Since 1997, Eastern Funding has been serving the grocery deli bodega industry by providing financing to many stores over the years. Along with providing financing to the bodega industry Eastern Funding has been a proud supporter of United Bodega of America. On August 1st, 2019 Michael Fanger, Eastern Funding’s President participated at the launch event which included a BBQ, music, and members of the organization educating attendees on common issues that arises in the industry. Michael Fanger spoke at the recent launch of the United Bodega of America’s membership program event. The speech touched on how Eastern Funding is committed to the continuous efforts of supporting the United Bodega of America.

Eastern Funding continues to provide their financing to the many bodegas they have been serving and are committed to the many individual businesses in the industry.

Interested in financing a new or refinancing an existing bodega? Contact Mabel Jimenez, Senior Loan Officer at Eastern Funding.