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Laundromat Financing Customer Testimonial – Wash Bowl Laundromat

The multi-store owner of Wash Bowl Coin in GA, Helen Kim, represents another one of Eastern Funding’s many customer success stories. Wash Bowl is a lively store with its colorful designs and bright posters. The organized structure of the washing machines, dryers, and folding tables provide customers with ample space to comfortably do their laundry.
As 34-year-old operator and owner, Helen is accountable for all responsibilities in her laundromat. Helen’s vision for managing her laundry business is to alter notions about laundry owners and educate others about the laundry business. With Eastern Funding’s expertise in the laundry market, the company is committed, involved, and acts as a guide for customers. Eastern Funding fulfills Helen’s objective by providing financing and resources. Eastern Funding prioritizes customer relationships and is passionate about providing customers their own success story.