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Your Laundry Equipment Vendor is a Valuable Resource

Your Laundry Equipment Vendor is a Valuable Resource for Your Laundry Business

Many laundry owners speak with their equipment vendor on three occasions: when they are buying washers and dryers, when they need to purchase  parts and when machine repairs are needed.  Your local laundry equipment vendor can be an invaluable resource as you work to grow your laundry business.

laundry equipment vendor

Your laundry equipment vendor is plugged into the industry happenings:

Your laundry equipment vendor sits in a unique position. They’re connected to the manufacturers of the equipment they distribute. They’re connected to you, the laundry business owner and in many cases, they are connected to laundry customers because they often operate retail, route and other laundry businesses in addition to their distributorships.  Many laundry equipment vendors also build laundries and also deal directly with brokers, finance, insurance and other service providers. Sitting at this nexus of the industry your vendor can be your resource for information on new trends and capabilities in machines, laundromat building and design.

Your laundry equipment vendor knows the local market

Laundry equipment vendors typically sell to many laundromats and businesses in a local area and sometimes are the dominant distributor in an area.  This makes them a source of knowledge about the local markets they serve. Therefore if you are looking to expand into a market, seek out a local vendor. They will know the local demographics and competition. They are also likely to be familiar with local regulations and ordinances that affect laundries.

Business Development

Driving traffic to your business is essential for success. Your equipment vendor can help. Equipment vendors are often good at marketing and can help you with marketing, promotions and other activities designed to generate more business.

Just about every vendor hosts open houses, customer appreciation events, training seminars and other trade related events. Take advantage of these events to network with other owners, service providers and of course, your vendor representative. These invaluable opportunities should not be missed. They can be the resources you build on to take your laundry business to the next level.


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