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Laundry Retool: More than Equipment Upgrades

A motivated operator is always seeking for ways to improve their laundry. The owners of Supreme Clean Coin Laundry in Culver City, California decided that is what they wanted to do with the almost 20-year old store they acquired.

Masih Rassoli and his partners, Matt Popal and Yosuf Homayun, undertook a complete retool of the store.  After purchasing the business, they determined that a better mix of equipment was required to maximize profitability and customer convenience; therefore a total retool of the laundry was required.  In order to optimize profits per square foot, the new equipment included larger size washers and dryers.

laundromat retool
The owners of Supreme Clean Coin Laundry retooled 

The retool went beyond new washers and dryers. They upgraded their vending machines to newer models, added flat screen high definition televisions throughout the store and a play area for kids who accompany their parents to the laundry.

Advertising played a significant supporting role in the retool.  Supreme Clean’s new washers and dryers were advertised along with the new fluff and fold service.

On working with Eastern Funding, Masih notes: “Marc Stern and Eastern Funding helped tremendously with this retool. Not only was funding available, but Marc introduced us to others in the industry who could help as well”.

Older machines will not help your store in the long run

For laundry owners who are sitting on the fence about replacing their outdated machines, Masih advises: “The older machines will not help your store in the long run. Replacing them will increase your store’s value and profitability while at the same time making your customers happy”

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