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A Luxury Laundromat in Baltimore

John Pinnock raises the bar with his latest LaundryCity laundromat.

The customer’s experience should exceed their expectations. This statement sums up the approach John Pinnock took when he built the newest LaundryCity laundromat in Baltimore, Maryland.

He was determined to give this under-served community a premium laundry experience. The result is perhaps the most beautiful laundromat in the country. At well over 10,000 square feet, the laundromat is large enough to comfortably house a salon and spa where customers can be pampered. The laundry also features dedicated homework space with computers and a play area for children.


The goal, as John puts it, is to offer a level of service and amenities that is typically unavailable to the neighborhood.

Video: John Pinnock, operator of LaundryCity Laundromats in Baltimore, talks about their newest store and why he chose Eastern Funding as his financing provider.

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