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Car Wash Show booth

Takeaways from 2019 car wash show

We went to the 2019 Car Wash Show in Nashville. Here are some of the top takeaways you should know.

Infographic showing list of 5 takeaways from the 2019 car wash show
  1. Car wash operators want to own the real estate under their business. Many investors first seek to purchase the land then build from scratch instead of acquiring an existing car wash.
  2. SBA financing is one of the most popular financing options car wash operators and investors were interested in. The reason? The repayment terms and it covers real estate.
  3. No single equipment vendor dominates the industry. At the show, there were multiple manufacturers and vendors for everything from blower and vacuum pumps to brushes and conveyors. This gives operators great flexibility when out fitting their car wash
  4. End-to-end design-build providers are making it easier for operators to get their businesses up and running. These large companies utilize modern design templates to get from concept to full operations in shorter lead times.
  5. Franchises are starting to take off. The car wash industry tried franchising years ago but with little success. That has changed. Well managed and well-funded franchise operations are built on models that are profitable for both the franchisees and the franchising company.
  6. Renewed focus on the customer – from making the car wash an experience for customers, to marketing to them in innovative ways,car wash business are more than just a clean car. Convenience, timeliness, and customer service are being put at the forefront of the business process.
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