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Business Profile: Laundry Coin Equipment

Laundry Coin Equipment, based in Houston, serves laundry owners all over Texas. As a long-time equipment distributor, LCE has also helped many laundry businesses with acquisitions to get started in the business or expand operations. Daniel and My Van Dao, operators of LCE, emphasize the importance of keeping machines in your laundromat running. To that end, LCE offers a wide range of parts for laundry machines from virtually all manufacturers. LCE also offers repair services.

For their clients seeking financing, LCE often points them to Eastern Funding because of the ease and simplicity he finds in doing business with the financial lender.

In this video Daniel shares tips from his many years in the laundry business and tells why he chooses Eastern Funding.

laundry coin equipment

Daniel Dao of Laundry Coin Equipment


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