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Eastern Funding names new National Business Manager


A new face recently joined the team at Eastern Funding, LLC, and will help us ensure that we provide the best service possible to those business owners who work in the self-service laundry industry.

Jennifer Whitney was recently hired as the new national business manager at Eastern Funding, and she will be in charge of new loan originations for individuals working in self-service laundry.

Whitney previously held a position at Alliance Laundry Systems, acting as their financial services manager. She has approximately 15 years of experience in the industry focusing on commercial lending. Additionally, she also has a wealth of knowledge in transaction analysis for laundromats, as well as dealing with customers. She will help improve the already strong lending and financing knowledge at our company.

“Jennifer is an A player in our industry,” said Brian Grell, executive vice president and co-founder of Eastern Funding. “Her experience and expertise meshes perfectly with our core commitment – and our consistent success at delivering the right financing solution for each client along with unparalleled customer service. Jennifer will add to Eastern Funding’s growth and expand our reach to new small business owners in major markets within the United States. We are very excited to welcome Jennifer Whitney to our team.”

Who we are
Eastern Funding is based in New York City, and was founded by Michael Fanger in 1997. Fanger has many years in the commercial banking industry and helped make the company what it is today. Since Eastern Funding opened, more than $1 billion in loans were given to customers throughout the country and across a number of industries. This includes not only coin laundry, but also grocery stores, fast food facilities, garment care businesses, specialty vehicle industries and the towing industry.

Our lending options are vast, and some can be quite useful for your business to get ahold of. This is because they can be used for equipment acquisitions, refinancing for stores or even purchasing property to do your business.

If the many options available from Eastern Funding seem attractive to you, it may be a good idea to contact one of our representatives to learn more. You may find that the choices are exactly what your business needs to be successful, complete projects on time and achieve goals.