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Events of interest – Excellence in Laundry Conference

One of the events of interest that might appeal to those who are involved in the laundry industry is the upcoming Excellence in Laundry Conference.

The first version of this sector-wide event happened in 2012, and was held by the Coin Laundry Association. This year, the CLA has scheduled the second rendition of this particular conference to take place at the Key Largo, Fla.-based Ocean Reef Club. The event is currently scheduled to take place on May 14 and 15.

First conference a success
It has been noted that the first biennial conference produced an excellent outcome, and one laundromat entrepreneur in particular, Art Jaeger, was able to provide a new and innovative solution to the industry as a result of attending the event. He has helped revolutionize the sector by introducing a sanitary wash cycle that leverages ozone and depends on the preferences of the customer.

"The only reason that it all came together was that representatives of the ozone, washer and card manufacturers were all at the conference enabling me to lay the foundation for this project," Jaeger said in a statement. "Leveraging those types of relationships has proven invaluable to me throughout my time in this industry."

More information available at CLA website
Individuals who want to know more about this year’s event, including the venue where it will be held and the schedule, can find out more by visiting the website of the CLA. The organization has noted that not a single seat went unfilled when the conference first happened in 2012, and that there is limited availability for the 2014 event. Those who want to flourish in the laundry industry might find the event, which has been designed to help empower laundromat entrepreneurs, to be helpful.

People who want to attend the event can potentially benefit from attending the speeches that are scheduled for the conference. Several market experts will be in attendance and are planning on providing information that entrepreneurs in the laundry industry could find helpful. For example, Joe Crosby, an expert on tax policy at both the state and local levels, will be in attendance.

In addition, brand management expert Bruce Terkel will be there. He heads up a firm named TERKEL, which has established itself as a leader in helping firms effectively develop their brands.

Individuals who are involved in either owning of operating laundromats can potentially gather a great deal of expertise by attending this conference and listening to the input of the speakers who are there.

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