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Excellence in Laundry

Excellence in Laundry 2018 – What will be the most discussed topics?

Laundry Industry Leaders to Gather at Excellence in Laundry Conference

Excellence in Laundry

The Coin Laundry Association will host its Excellence in Laundry conference at the Naples Grande Beach Resort in Naples, Florida. Excellence in Laundry is focused on creating an atmosphere where laundry business owners and other participants can experience in depth small-group discussions about the industry and current business trends. Against the backdrop of the luxurious setting, ideas to move the industry forward are openly shared and discussed. Here are some of the topics that are sure to come up at Excellence in Laundry.

Disruptive Technologies

From the growth of on-demand laundry powered by mobile apps, to the innovation in machines and new ways to pay, the industry is diversifying its business model.

Business Improvement

The retool phenomenon is moving beyond replacing old and inefficient machines as the main way of improving a retail laundry. Improving business now focuses adopting powerful digital marketing methods, customer service and giving customers great laundry experience.

The state of legislation affecting the industry

The fight against laundry tax continues and the faint prospect of tax on app-based laundry services is on the horizon. Other regulations that stifle businesses are sure to be top of mind as well.

Giving Back

The industry and the CLA have made full-fledged efforts to give back to local communities through laundries. From literacy programs in laundromats to free laundry days, industry participants are not just doing business; they are actively involved  in giving back to their communities.

In addition to being educational, informative and a forum for extensive networking, it is also fun. Attendees can enjoy the lush golf courses and beaches surrounding the resort but events such as the poolside Dinner Gala, sponsored by Eastern Funding, will surely help make Excellence in Laundry a memorable event.


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