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Free Laundry Day in Philly, June 19th, 2018. Join Us.

LaundryCares presents Free Laundry Day, June 19th, 2018. Hosted by The Laundry Cafe.

On June 19 in Philadelphia, PA there will be a Free Laundry Day event presented by the LaundryCares Foundation from the hours of 12pm-5pm at The Laundry Café. The laundromat is located at 400 W. Allegheny Avenue and this event will have various festivities for the community such as free food, family activities, books, literacy programs and prizes to give out. Participants from a cross-section of the laundry industry will volunteer their time at this Free Laundry Day like they have done many times before.

A team of volunteers from Eastern Funding will join other industry members at Free Laundry Day at the Laundry Cafe in Philadelphia.

The LaundryCares Foundation has presented many previous Free Laundry Days throughout the country in places such as Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, and other cities dating back several years. With a focus on reaching out to all kinds of communities and providing a free day to those families and people in need of clean laundry, the Free Laundry days also recognize those laundromat owners who give back to the community in a big way.

Free Laundry Day







Laundry Café, the host laundromat for this event offers modern washers and dryers with free Wi-Fi and internet browsing stations. On top of that they have play zones for the kids and flat screen TVs to help pass the time waiting for the laundry.

Additionally, the following organizations will be participating to help make Free Laundry Day even more successful with volunteers and  donations.

School District of Philadelphia

Free Library of Philadelphia

Fab Youth Philly

To volunteer for the event or to make a donation, visit: