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The Eastern Way Fundamental #1: Do the right thing


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Fundamental #1 “Do the right thing.”

A few months ago I read about a Navy Seal who, after jumping out of an airplane, found that his parachute wouldn’t open. What saved him and eventually deployed the parachute? His extensive training and focus.

We’ve all been taught basic human relation skills that define the difference between what is right and wrong, but how often do we apply them in our professional lives? Every time you elect not to do something the right way, your reputation, integrity and respect are all plummeting. Now, are you going to accept the crash awaiting you, or collect the skills and apply them immediately for a safe landing?

I’ll be the first to confess that doing the right thing all the time can be a challenge. Especially in business, since the “right thing” is constantly changing with procedures and regulations. But, you can still adhere to some basic human relations skills and achieve this! Below are 3 truths that I’ve learned that can guide you to doing the right thing almost all the time in your professionals lives.

1. Don’t expect recognition

Ever realize when you look at a picture with multiple people in it, you always look for yourself first? Most people are highly self-involved. When you can stop focusing on yourself and start doing the right thing because it’s the right thing, then you’ll notice that over time your reputation and integrity are positively affected. There is no need to shout about how good you are all the time. Trust me – over time people will notice, but if you go around expecting recognition then you could be let down. Don’t let that happen to you. Learn to pat yourself on the back. Do the right thing without expecting recognition from others and you will be a lot happier in your professional life.

2. Everyone Matters

Customers who payoff, prospects that were lost, vendors who haven’t given us business in a while —they all count. Every relationship counts. You never know when someone will need you again, want to refinance a loan from a competitor or be in a position to refer you to your next big deal. Even professional relationships that end on the wrong note can turn positive and profitable down the road. Never give up, and never stop giving great service. Do the right thing and treat everyone in business with the same attitude that you would give a VIP client.

3. Never take the bait

Temptation to do the wrong thing surrounds us in business. Things are never as “hush, hush” as you want them to be. It’s good to be hungry, but don’t let a dangling worm fool you! Approach every situation with care.

Doing the right thing is ultimately all about having the right attitude. If you apply these three mindsets to your professional life then you will find that doing the right thing isn’t as hard as you think. Your parachute will deploy.

Enjoy your work week! Next up is Ozzie with, “Make quality personal.”