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Create a schedule to ensure your machines work



What works for one laundry business may not work for another, but one constant of successful laundromats is that all machines are kept in working order. While having a few broken washers or dryers may not seem like a big deal – especially if there are plenty to go around – having broken equipment creates a bad feeling about the business and makes customers less likely to return. In order to ensure that your laundry machines are all in working order, it is important to take an organized, disciplined approach.

Put up signs
Your customers are more likely to discover broken laundry machines than your staff, because they are the ones using them everyday. Place a few signs around the laundromat that ask customers to report any broken machines to the employee on staff – most customers will be more than happy to help out. At the front desk, keep a clipboard on which employees can write down any broken machines, the date they were reported broken and whether the issue has been resolved yet or not. This will help to ensure that all of this important information finds its way back to you, the owner.

Have a maintenance schedule
Even with signs, it is a good idea to regularly check that all machines are working properly. Once per month, have an employee quickly test every machine and write down any issues. This list of problems can be consulted later when you are scheduling repairs or replacements.

Deal with problems immediately
The sooner you fix any broken machines, the better it will look for your business. When you are informed of an issue with a machine, fix it yourself if you are able or schedule someone to come by and do the necessary repairs right away. Dealing with problems as they arise will help to prevent you from reaching a point at which there are too many broken machines for you to afford to repair.

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