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Deal with broken equipment at dry cleaner



Those who work at a dry cleaning business may deal with some unforeseen circumstances that they may not have planned for. One of these may be when one of their important machines breaks, potentially hurting the flow of work during the day. There are some measures that can be taken which could help improve the situation in the long run.

When an issue occurs
Once a problem with a machine is identified, it is important to work to get everything up and running as soon as possible. There are some quick options available to get back to work as soon as possible.

  • Call a repair service – A repair company should be contacted immediately to get the ball rolling on fixing the problem, as they may be able to come in and rectify the issue, or alert you to other options.
  • Focus on other tasks – Trying to get work done on other machines may be the best way to go until everything is back to normal. This will help cut down on falling behind.

Informing customers of issues
When it comes to a dry cleaner, many customers will look to have their items cleaned correctly in a short period, as they may need to use their clothes for important engagements soon afterward. If any issues create delays, it is important to know how to manage customers’ issues.

  • Inform customers of problem – It also may be useful to alert customers to possible delays with their orders if the machines will be under repairs for an extended period. Being apologetic and clear can be helpful.
  • Offer solutions for the situation – Having options available like discounts may be a way to keep customers happy if their clothes will have to be delayed. This may help ensure customers come back even considering the mishap.

Taking care of the tasks at a business can be quite difficult, so it is important to sometimes look for a little bit of help. If the owner of a dry cleaners needs some financial assistance to take care of an issue, or to help grow the business, getting in touch with a representative at Eastern Funding can be beneficial. We can help ensure that you have the tools you need to get your projects off of the ground.