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Dealing with unexpected laundromat issues


Just like any business, the laundry can experience a number of issues that make it harder to get work done. However, it is important to know that they exist, and to have a backup plan for them. Having alternatives may be a great way to keep customers happy and lessen the potential for lost business.

Facility problems
There may be a number of issues that surface unexpectedly in the facility, and taking care of these quickly may be necessary to prevent upset customers.

  • Power outages – No matter what time of year, there is always a possibility of a power outage. This can be a significant issue for those who are trying to get laundry done, and an interruption can be frustrating. Having backup generators may be a great way to ensure that the business continues without a hitch.
  • HVAC failures – Whether it’s the summer or winter, keeping a comfortable temperature in the facility is vital. However, if the heating or cooling in the building breaks, this can make it very uncomfortable for employees and customers alike. Getting this fixed as soon as possible – and keeping space heaters or fans in the interim – may be the best options.

Machinery issues
Washers and dryers are certainly critical parts of the laundromat, but failures from these machines can do significant damage to business, especially during busy periods.

  • Clearly mark broken machines – To prevent disappointment and minimize frustration, it is important to specify the broken machines. This will give customers the ability to not plan on using a machine that will just inconvenience them.
  • Replace/repair machines rapidly – It also is important to get a professional into the business as soon as possible to help fix the machines, or determine that a new one is needed. Getting these replaced quickly is important for those who want to ensure that they have happy customers who are also satisfied.

Having the right funds to replace or repair machines can be difficult, even for some of the more successful laundry owners. It is important to keep in mind that there are options available that can help with financing these projects. Speaking to one of our representatives at Eastern Funding may give a business owner a better chance of taking care of the tasks necessary to help the business run at its best.