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Exterior summer building maintenance for laundromat owners

With the warm weather already prevalent throughout much of the country, many laundromat owners may be looking to make their business look more presentable. Some basic maintenance help could go a long way in making new customers pay the location a visit, as well as helping current customers feel better about the location.

Make building alterations
There are some specific items that owners of laundries could make to help beautify the physical building, and these activities may have a positive effect.

  • Add a new coat of paint – If the building hasn’t been given a fresh coat of paint in a while, it may be a good time to take action. Peeling paint can be unsightly, and it may not be as attractive of a destination for some customers.
  • Hang plants – Having plants hanging near the door area can look quite nice if it isn’t overdone. Little accents like this may have a big effect on customers.

Consider improving surrounding area
Having a specific plan for the building itself can be a good idea for laundromat owners, but there also may be some benefits to fixing the surrounding area, which will not only visible, but frequently traveled by customers.

  • Sweep parking lot – During the winter, there may be a significant amount of sand, dirt and salt that builds up on the parking lot and sidewalks near the laundromat. Making a point to sweep up these areas could help the entire property look cleaner, and it should make the location look presentable.
  • Improve vegetation – Grass around the property may be filled with weeds, or even become patchy after a rough winter. Making changes here, and even planting more grass may be beneficial. If there are areas to transplant bushes or plant life, it may help the area look even better than it did before. This could even make the owner feel even better about their business.

Taking small measures on a property may pay dividends later, as it can help increase revenue and make customers feel more comfortable. For those who are looking for a little financial help when making changes to their laundromat, it may be a good idea to get in contact with Eastern Funding. One of our representatives can help walk owners through the tools needed to strengthen their financial situation.