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Focus on laundromat security to ensure safety, comfort

Just like any business, laundromat owners need to ensure their customers get the service they need to be satisfied. This is important for not only delivering on the products that they use inside the building, but also helping them feel like they are safe and comfortable with the atmosphere. This can give employees and the business owner piece of mind, which is why considering some security options could be a great idea.

What security measures to consider
Having certain security measures in place can go a long way when managing a laundromat, and some specific options could help accomplish what is necessary.

  • Install cameras – One of the easiest ways to both deter crime and keep tabs on anything that does happen at the laundromat is to install cameras inside and outside of the property. This can help authorities in the rare event that something does go wrong, as there will be video evidence of an issue. It would be a good idea to install cameras that you can access through a mobile device.
  • Do not obstruct the view – Avoid putting up posters and other signage that block visibility into your laundry from the road or parking lot. Give your customers the feeling of being secure and able to signal outsiders while they are in your laundry. Also, you may want to consider installing bright lighting in your laundry so there are no dark areas where danger can possibly occur.

Take general measures to ensure security
There are also ways that owners of laundromats can help improve security for their own sake at the business. This may be good to keep up on, in order to aid in avoiding issues later on.

  • Avoid leaving money out – Making business transactions are necessary at any laundromat, but putting the money away in a secure place can cut down on the likelihood of having something taken.
  • Instruct customers to watch belongings – Putting up signs to remind customers to mind their belongings is also important, as it could prevent them from having money or other items stolen while they aren’t looking.
  • Stagger your visits – Never give thieves the opportunity to track your collection schedule. Always "change it up." Collect coins at different times of the day and never pull up in a fancy vehicle that will attract attention. Also, make unannounced visits to your laundry to make sure attendants are running the business like you would. Surprise visits will keep them on their toes.

Having the right security measures at a business can help everyone feel better about the situation. Slight alterations can have a significant impact on your customers’ experience and prevent bad things from happening. This is why it may not be a bad idea to consider using some of these tips to enhance the security at your laundry.