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Improve laundromat customer service

Every business owner seeks ways to improve their bottom line and grow their customer base. This can be a difficult task, but some simple tasks related to customer service may actually make a significant difference. Laundromats, specifically those that are attended, may benefit from specific options at their disposal that may have a notable effect on their future. Here are some tips to improve laundromat customer service.

Offer savings options
While charging less for services may seem counterintuitive compared to getting as much money as possible, some laundromat owners may see a boost in revenue by drawing in more customers with attractive offers.

  • Provide coupons – Having coupons for various aspects of the business may be great, within reason. Focusing on a task that may be not as popular as others could be a way to expand the business, as well as draw interest. Even looking to give a popular option a discount for new customers may be a good choice. Consider giving a free dry load to a new customer, which may help convince them to try out the business.
  • Promote deals for larger work – Especially if a laundromat that offers wash-dry-fold or also works as a dry cleaning facility, it could help to have a discount for a large project. This could be a goodwill gesture that will have people coming back.
  • Create a loyalty program – Customers who are there frequently may benefit from a system where the business gives a free item after a certain number of visits.

Strengthen communication with customers
The relationships between customers and businesses aren’t always perfect, but there are ways to  improve laundromat customer service. Taking a caring approach to customers’ needs may not only keep them there for a long time, but also help them spread the word about the laundromat to others.

  • Listen to customer concerns – If a customer is unhappy with something at the business, it may mean that others who aren’t vocal feel the same way. Take all criticism and evaluate it accordingly.
  • Work to improve problems – Any issues that exist should be analyzed and determined how to be rectified as soon as possible, as it can prevent losing business.
  • Actively look for suggestions – Seeking out criticism or praise from customers may actually have a positive effect on the business, as customers may feel more valued by being called upon to speak on certain matters. If your store is unattended, a good way to collect feedback is by leaving a comment box in your store.

Taking the time to implement some of these actions at laundromats may help in many way to improve laundromat customer service, and business owners may feel more confident about their organization’s standing in the market.

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