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Keep customer needs in mind when remodeling

Laundromat owners may have some big plans to change their business around in the future, and remodeling or expanding can turn out to be a great investment. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that customers will still need to be made happy and served properly during these processes.

Make the process gradual
While it may be preferred to get the project done as quickly as possible, there could be some benefits to slowing down the process. Keeping this in mind may help the business be more successful while going through the changes.

  • Serving customers still an option – When the business doesn’t have to close when work is being accomplished, customers may appreciate the ability to still get their tasks completed. This is important, as closing temporarily could have them looking for new, potentially permanent laundromat options.
  • Revenue can still be made – Having the laundromat open also can bring in more revenue, which will help pay off bills when trying to afford a major project in the process.

Manage customer happiness during this time
The laundromat may have work being done that will make it better for customers in the future, but there will likely still need to be some adjustments made now for customers to be content with the situation.

  • Apologize for the inconvenience – Having signs up inside of the building apologizing for the appearance of the business may be a nice gesture to customers. Also, it could be necessary to thank customers in person for coming by when they are working with a potentially smaller space.
  • Inform customers of new options – Telling customers what kinds of new features will be available in the business also could be a great idea, as it may help make visitors more excited about the future. This also could help draw in new customers in the coming months.

Whenever a business is looking for a change to improve its offerings, owners may be looking for some help to make it happen. Tapping into savings is always an option, but there may be other exterior choices that could help them, as well. Contacting one of our representatives at Eastern Funding could provide a number of financing options that could make a dream renovation or other project happen. Speak with one of these individuals today.