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Long Island laundromat reopens after ban



A laundromat located on Long Island recently reopened after being shut down for years due to an area government ban.

The New Cassel Laundromat, located at 1008 Prospect Ave. in New Cassel, recently reopened after a 2012 repeal of a 2006 law, according to local publication Newsday. The town of North Hempstead, where the hamlet of New Cassel is located, initially banned any laundromat from being operated in the area, along with any arcade businesses.

Initial hope from the town included the effort to add different business types such as restaurants and retail stores, the news source reported. Even with the repeal and the opening of the laundromat, there still is a ban on pool halls and liquor stores in the area.

“People are tired of spending $8 for a taxi to […] get to a Laundromat; and some ride a bicycle,” Benoit Jeune, owner of New Cassel Laundromat, told the news source.

Even with the concerns that there may be illegal activity or crime in the area, Jeune explained to the publication that he is not worried about these issues due to his addition of 16 cameras on both the interior and exterior of the property. He specifically entered the petition with the town to allow him to do business there because he was confident in his ability to keep his business safe.

Jeune noted to the news source that he will have a guard at the doorway of the laundromat in order to keep order in the area. Additionally, there are a number of amenities that he added to help customers feel more at home while doing their laundry. These include WiFi and two televisions.

Even some politicians in the area think that having the laundromat in this section of town can have a positive effect on the citizens who frequent these streets.

“There is definitely a need for one.” Viviana Russell, town councilwoman for North Hempstead told the news source. “[It]’s a long distance for them to have to walk.”

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