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Make laundry machine usage rules clear to customers

When managing a laundromat, owners are looking to not only provide a service to customers in order to improve revenue, but it is also important that customers follow rules to make the transaction work out. There may be some issues that employees may want to get across to customers in order to help the situation go more smoothly.

Create policy for machines
The washers and dryers at the laundromat are the main source of income for a business, so it is important to have them working to the best of their ability at all times. Customers should know what to do – and avoid – while using these machines.

  • Avoid over packing machines – Having too much in a machine may not only prevent all the items from getting clean, but it could cause an overflow in a washer. For dryers, having too much in the machine could potentially have it overheat, or at the least, make it overwork to get the job done, increasing wear and tear.
  • Keep detergents in correct machines – High efficiency machines need special detergent, and putting in the standard detergent could cause a messy situation. Ensuring these soaps are kept in the correct washers is important.
  • Encourage delicate handling of washers and dryers – Customers may be prone to slamming the doors of the machines open and closed, which could increase the chances of damage. Posting reminders about the need for care may be necessary.

Have a conduct policy for the laundromat
While having customers use machines correctly is important, there are other aspects that businesses should press to make sure customers comply.

  • Discourage running – Children may be running around the business while their parents are cleaning clothes, which could be a hazard. Keeping people from doing this may easily prevent injuries.
  • Keep all belongings close – Telling customers to keep their eyes on their belongings can help prevent theft, as well as items getting left in the lost and found box.

Even when having policies to help ensure that machines and the business as a whole is used correctly, it is important to note that things can still happen. If a machine does break, it may be costly to pay for a new one, which is why there could be some relief by taking advantage of financing to cut down the burden.