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Make minor improvements before they become major issues

General maintenance at the laundromat is necessary just like any other place of business. This can turn out to be quite important, especially for those who are trying to improve the property before these issues cost them much more.

Take care of wear and tear
There are a number of items
that can get old and cause a problem for the business. These issues can start off minor, but become more significant as time goes on. Looking to rectify these issues quickly will be more cost effective than neglecting them.

  • Fix sheetrock cracks – If there is evidence that the sheetrock on the walls of the laundromat are cracking, it is important to patch this as soon as possible. A small amount of putty and paint can make it look good as new. Leaving this without a fix can have it spread and force a business owner to repair the entire wall.
  • Change flooring – Flooring can wear down after a while, and depending on the surface, it can crack. Installing new floors can help make the business look better, while it can also prevent the likelihood of someone tripping and getting hurt.
  • Leaky plumbing repairs – When pipes leak, they can not only put the business at risk of a future break, but it may also foster mold. Ensuring that these issues are solved quickly can prevent a significant bill later on.
  • Mold sightings – While plumbing that leaks can cause mold, any damp areas can harbor it. This is why it is important to identify mold and clean it with a bleach solution. Getting rid of it as soon as it is seen is important, as this can be extremely damaging to walls and floors if it gets to be too bad. This is also a significant health hazard for those in the facility.

When trying to make improvements at the laundromat, it may be useful to look for some financial assistance. This is where Eastern Funding comes in. Getting the right financing for a business-related project is possible, and the many options available can be form-fit to your business. Our representatives are waiting to help you on your journey, and we may be able to provide you with the tools you need to get your project done correctly and quickly.