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Make your laundromat feel safe

Safety is one of the concerns most frequently voiced by laundromat customers. At night in particular, many laundromats lose potential customers because they do not maintain and promote an atmosphere that feels safe to all of their clients. The good news is that several elements that contribute to a feeling of safety in a business are well within the control of the owner. According to Laundromat123, the following steps can help you make your laundry business a place where everyone feels comfortable doing laundry at any hour of the day.


Maintain order
This is your business, so you have the authority to tell customers what kind of behavior is acceptable. If a customer is acting inappropriately, making other people in the establishment feel uncomfortable or putting themselves or others in danger with their actions, it is your responsibility to take action. Respectfully – but firmly – tell the offender that he or she will need to behave differently or leave your establishment. The business that you lose from kicking out one bad customer will be more than offset by the increased business from other customers who now feel safe. If a customer is behaving in a way that makes you feel threatened or unsafe, don’t hesitate to call the police, if necessary.

Control access
Similarly, it is crucial to ensure that only paying customers and those accompanying them are using the facilities provided by your laundry business. If the whole neighborhood is using your bathroom as a public bathroom, homeless people are congregating in or around your laundromat or people are loitering on your property, it may be damaging your potential business. You have the right to post a sign stating that bathrooms are for customers only or that loitering is prohibited and to strictly enforce these rules.

Keep your business well lit
One small change that may have a big impact on your nighttime business is the use of bright lights. While dim lights may save you a moderate amount of money in energy bills, bright lights will attract more visitors to your laundry business at light. Keep lights on, clean and ensure that any yellowed light covers are replaced to ensure that your laundromat appears bright, clean and safe.

Ensuring that everyone feels comfortable at your establishment is an important part of maintaining a healthy laundry business. Even businesses that follow best practices sometimes need access to funding, however. Eastern Funding can help you to reach your goals.

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