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Prevent fire hazards at the laundromat

There are a number of issues that owners of laundromats should be aware of in order to ensure that the business, its customers and employees are safe. One of these is the risk of fire, which can happen when dealing with a large amount of electricity and heavy machinery. Keeping in mind general safety tips may cut down the chances of something bad occurring.

Keep an eye on machines
Both washers and dryers can be at risk of causing a fire, so it is necessary to be aware of the risks when using these machines. Consistently monitoring their use and performance can be beneficial.

  • Dryer lint an issue – The dryer can be a significant fire hazard, so owners and employees should make sure that the lint traps are regularly emptied and cleaned. Putting up signs that instruct customers to do this after every load also may help the situation.
  • Ensure plugs are secured – Machine plugs that are attached to the wall have a potential to become loose over time, which could cause a spark – or potentially a fire. Periodically checking behind these machines, as well as removing dust and lint from these areas, can help prevent a fire from occurring.

Have fire-related equipment on hand
It is also a good idea to not only keep an eye out for potential incidents that could cause a fire, but be ready to deal with one if such an unfortunate incident occurs.

  • Install fire alarms – Fire alarms that are placed around the interior of the business have the potential to help alert customers and employees if a fire is in the area. Having lights and signs at the exits are also recommended in this situation.
  • Keep fire extinguishers handy – Businesses should have fire extinguishers handy that are equipped to deal with certain types of fires that could occur in the business. Having employees learn how to use them also may be beneficial.

Taking measures to help cut down hazards at the laundromat could do quite a lot to help the business thrive. When owners are looking for other options that could help improve their business’ performance and keep it comfortably growing, Eastern Funding may be able to help. Speaking to one of our representatives can give owners a number of options that will aid them in improving their bottom line and acquiring the tools needed to be successful.