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Properly manage customer complaints

Whether at a laundromat or a dry cleaner, employees will likely need to deal with a customer issue every once in a while. This can be frustrating, but if managed correctly, it can help keep everyone happy.

Properly manage the problem
There are a number of ways to deal with a complaint that a customer has, especially as it is important to provide a strong level of service to every person that comes into the business. Taking part in damage control quickly can be quite necessary to have the situation become a success.

  • Be understanding of the issue – When the customer comes to an employee with a complaint, it is important for the attendant to sympathize with them. Show that their issue is important to those who work at the business.
  • Research the problem – Once the issue has been tabled, the employee should then make an effort to investigate the situation as soon as possible. Being timely about these issues can help the customer feel better that their problems are being dealt with as quickly as possible.

Attempt to provide solutions
Once the issue has been recognized, it is important to find a way to solve it. There may be some options available to rectify the problem and help ensure that people are happy with the customer service offered, and they remain customers.

  • Suggest an idea – The employee may know how to solve the problem with the customer, or at least have a thought on how the situation may be made better. By giving the person some options, they may be more satisfied with what goes on to rectify the process.
  • Table thoughts from customer – If the choices given to the customer are unsatisfactory, it could also be a good plan to suggest that they come up with something to make the situation better. The employee will have to then determine if these suggestions are reasonable in order to carry them out to make all parties happy.

Creating a policy to deal with customer issues may end up becoming a vital part of the laundromat or dry cleaners, especially if the methods are taught and re-taught regularly. Keeping in mind some common issues also may help those who work at the business be prepared for an issue in the future.