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Saving water with new laundry technology


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Saving water is possible with new, high-efficiency washing machines.

Technology across all industries advances at an incredible rate. Many advances in terms of equipment efficiency should be of interest to any professionals or small-business owners in the laundry industry, especially because recent high-efficiency machines can help commercial laundry facilities cut back on water consumption and costs.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office released a report in 2014 on freshwater consumption and availability in the U.S. The GAO found among all 50 state water managers, 40 anticipate water shortages in their states within the next 10 years. In the past 50 years, water consumption around the world has tripled. States like California have experienced perpetual droughts for the past several years. The commercial laundry industry needs to do its part to cut back on water use. Luckily, this is possible with emerging technologies.

Better machines
High-efficiency washers can save laundromats from overconsuming fresh water. The Boston Globe suggested Energy Star machines, which use roughly 40 percent less water than standard washers. The Alliance for Water Efficiency also noted transitioning from single-load washers to multiload washers can help reduce water use by about half. Multiload washers hold between two and four times the amount of materials single-load machines do, which is the difference between 25-50 lbs. and 12-14 lbs, respectively.

Better detergent
Detergent also plays a large role in how much water is needed to complete a single wash cycle. High-efficiency detergents produce fewer bubbles and thick suds, allowing for shorter rinse cycles.

However, some laundromats have reported unpleasant odors after using high-efficiency detergents or washers. This is typically the result of using too much detergent in a load. To rid a high-efficiency machine of this mildew smell, small-business owners can try wiping the machine down with white vinegar. Be sure to dry the interior completely after wiping and leave the door ajar so the fumes can air out naturally.

Better practices
In addition to investing in high-efficiency machines, small-business owners can advertise smart practices to laundromat customers. Tips should include:

  • Using cold water
  • Using high-efficiency detergent
  • Running cycles on only full loads
  • Avoiding overstuffing a washer or dryer
  • Choosing the appropriate water level setting for a load

Laundromats can help their customers become allies in the overall effort to use less water per cycle.

For more information on how to improve laundromat facilities, upgrade to high-efficiency equipment or finance a small business, contact Eastern Funding today.

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