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Take advantage of energy rebates


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Take advantage of energy rebates

There are a number of aspects of running a laundry business that new entrants to the sector frequently do not anticipate. One of those aspects is the need to keep utility bills down. With so many washers and dryers running simultaneously, the costs for heating, electricity and water can be higher than many new owners anticipate.

Buying energy- and water-efficient machines and solutions is a great way to keep costs down in the long run, but the large initial investment that these machines represent can be difficult for some laundry business owners to manage. According to Laundromat123, energy rebates may be a good option for keeping costs down.

Check with utility companies
Many utility companies provide rebates for the purchase of new, energy-efficient machines through various government-sponsored programs. These programs may have limited funds or time spans, so call early on and frequently to find out about good deals. Electricity, water and gas companies all may have rebate programs.

Consider other appliances
Most laundry business owners focus on their primary users of water and energy – washer and dryer machines. These should be regarded as the proverbial “low hanging fruit” and dealt with first, but rebates for upgrading other equipment may result in significant savings as well. Tankless water heaters, new fluorescent lights and many other new appliances and fixtures can be worth your time. Ask your energy company about rebates for these items.

Make other changes
Even without rebates, some changes to the way your laundromat operates may result in a return on investment. For example, consider installing motion-sensor controlled lights in your bathroom and back room. Any way that you can cut the energy bills for your establishment will mean more money in your pocket over time. Other good ideas include adding insulation to your walls and ceiling, insulating and resealing pipes, as well as installing ceiling fans to save on heating and cooling costs.

Saving water, gas and energy isn’t all about saving the world – very frequently, it’s about saving a few dollars here and there. Many of these investments pay off over time, but it can be difficult for some businesses to come up with the initial capital needed to make these changes. If this is the case with your establishment, speak with a representative at Eastern Funding to find out what level of financing we can extend to your business.