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Take care of laundromat parking areas

Focusing on improving the interior of the laundromat can be a great option for those owners who are trying to improve customer happiness and increase the overall volume of those who use the facility. Meanwhile, there are many things that can be done to make things better for customers on the exterior of the property, especially in terms of parking areas.

Make parking areas clear
When trying to inform customers of the correct places to park, there should be some specific instructions that make it obvious, especially in an area that is urban, and no parking lot is present.

  • Focus on signage – Having signs along the road that clearly define where parking is available is best. Areas closest to the facility are best for those who need to carry large loads of laundry, so keep this in mind, if at all possible.
  • Give alternate locations – If parking is limited, create other options for customers to park. Street parking that doesn’t require permits – even if it is a little bit of a walk – can be a good way to minimize headaches for customers.

Upkeep of spaces important
Having the areas to provide adequate parking can be important, and if there is a small parking lot on site, ensuring that it is in good condition can help tremendously.

  • Pave or patch area – It can help to ensure that the pavement is in good condition, as cracks and potholes can cause a notable level of damage to cars. If the parking lot is owned by the business, taking care of this quickly is important.
  • Repaint lines – It is also a good idea to ensure that the lines are bright and easy to determine. When these start to fade, it may be time to consider giving it another paint job.

Having the right amenities for customers can be a great way to ensure that the business can attract new visitors as well as keep old ones. It also may be great to look to bigger projects that can help make the laundromat even better. Those business owners who want to take up such tasks may be in need of extra financing. Eastern Funding has the ability to provide strong financing programs for laundromats, so speak with a representative today to get started.