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Warn customers of an impending move

Some business owners may come to the point where they want to move their business to a better location, or their lease is up and another spot may work better for their situation. When this happens, the owner will likely be busy with many issues, but it is important to keep in mind that the customers’ needs come first. Taking care of them may be a smart way to ensure they are likely to follow the business after the move.

Inform customers early
It is vital for the business owner to inform their customers of a move as soon as possible. Once the deal is done, letting them know that they need to head to another location can be the best way to allow for adjustment.

  • Disseminate an announcement – When a plan is in place, it is a good idea to consider publishing information that the business is relocating. Contacting the local residents via a print mail campaign which is offered through the USPS may be a wise marketing practice. Also, if you are active in social media, putting this information on those networks may help significantly.
  • Make notices clear on property – Hanging signs on the property (without blocking visibility to your laundry) that inform customers about the new location and giving a specific date is necessary. This will help ensure that any customers who missed out on being informed are actually covered.
  • Contact your lenders too – If you have any outstanding loans on your business then inform your lenders about the move. That way, they can update your account(s) accordingly.

Listen to customers’ concerns
Another important aspect of being a successful business owner is knowing what customers want and need. When a major change occurs, knowing that they are comfortable with it is important.

  • Hear the customers out – Some customers may not be initially comfortable with having to travel to a different place to do their laundry, and it is important to ensure that you know all of the issues that they bring up when this occurs. Say something like, "I hear what you are saying about [state their concern]. The new location offers [state a benefit related their concern]. I know you will enjoy it!"
  • Give them accurate information – Helping patrons with information on how to easily get to the new location may be important. Showing that they are valued may go a long way in keeping them after the move. Possibly offering your loyal customers an incentive like a free soap or wash and dry can help encourage them to move with you.

Making a major change to the business can be tricky, but when it comes to funding the endeavor, looking for some help may be a good idea. Eastern Funding is here to ensure that business owners reach their goals and get to the point where they can be successful. Our financing plans provide many opportunities for laundromat owners to get the funds they need to make this happen.