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Why every laundromat should install security cameras


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Why every laundromat should install security cameras

Self-service Laundromats, especially those that are open 24 hours and do not have attendants, are more susceptible to crime than other businesses. As a result, installing security cameras on your premises is a good idea for deterring theft and violence. While this may seem like an expensive investment with no obvious payout, the increased security that these cameras can bring makes them a useful feature for protecting profits, employees and customers.

Deterring theft
Most thieves who would rob a laundromat are criminals of opportunity. In other words, they are taking advantage of a low security situation rather than planning a heist. If you install visible security cameras and prominently display a sign that informs customers that they are being filmed, you are likely to deter any would-be thieves. In the event that someone does rob you, you will be able to show footage of the thief to the police, increasing the odds that he or she will be caught. Even if the police don’t recover your money, you will be able to rest assured that the thief won’t be coming back.

Creating a safer environment
Another positive effect of installing security cameras is the increased sense of safety in your laundry business. One of the primary concerns that some laundromat customers have is their safety in your establishment, and many will choose to take their laundry farther if they feel that a closer laundromat is unsafe. Having security cameras, in addition to other features that reassure customers as to the safety of your establishment, may result in your laundromat seeing more business – especially late at night.

Keeping an eye on employees
Unfortunately, one of the most common ways that laundromats get robbed is by their own employees. While no laundry business owner wants to feel like “big brother,” keeping a security camera’s watchful eye trained on any money to which your employees have access will reduce the chance of internal theft. It will also help to reduce the time that employees loaf around on the job if you aren’t regularly managing your laundromat yourself.

When used properly, security cameras can do a lot to help your business run smoothly and efficiently without the risk of theft or violence.