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Re-Tool, Rehabilitate, Reinvigorate – The New 3 Rs of the Laundry Business

The New 3 Rs of the Laundry Business


From new investors who have bought rundown laundromats (I call them ZombieMats) to existing owners, the laundry industry is waking to up to the fact that greater revenue, profitability and higher valuations can be sparked when they re-tool and rehabilitate their old stores. For those who do, being reinvigorated is just a great side effect.

  • Throw out those old machines
  • Install larger capacity machines
  • Benefit from increased efficiency: lower utility bills
  • Increased revenue – you can now raise the vend prices. Customers like new machines.

Talk to your local equipment distributor. They are your best resource when you decide to re-tool.


  • Brighten your store. Put in brighter, energy efficient lights
  • New bathrooms – perhaps the ultimate sign of a well kept store.
  • Better branding and marketing. Stand out in the market!


  • Your customers and employees will feel better about coming to your store. You will too.

In elementary school, the 3 R’s are basic to learning. In the laundry industry, the new 3 Rs are the foundation of becoming a better operator.

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