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4 behaviors shunned by successful business owners


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4 behaviors shunned by successful business owners

As you work to establish your laundromat as one of the most successful around, it is vital that you are exhibiting some of the best traits of skilled business owners across the country.

Unfortunately, a number of leaders – from the smallest startups to the largest corporations – have developed a few bad traits along the way. While this doesn’t mean you can’t find success, it might hamper your odds.

To ensure your laundromat is moving in the right direction, here are four behaviors that are shunned by the best around:

1. Work for the paycheck
Look, earning a living is important. But, for a business owner, getting that paycheck shouldn’t be the only reason to show up to work each day. In an article for the American Express OPENforum, Grant Cardone, founder and CEO of Grant Cardone Sales Training, wrote that the most successful people instead show up to accomplish something. This is a key distinction – set yourself some goals, and work because it is what you want to do, not because you have to.

2. Make excuses on a regular basis
Excuses are never a good thing for a business owner. If you want to be successful, Cardone stressed skipping the excuse-making for another time. Blaming something will not alter the end result – it will only waste your time and energy. Instead, use that problem to come up with a solution and move forward.

3. Let problems linger
Obstacles will pop up for all laundromats. Don’t let that stop you from success, though. In an article for LinkedIn, Dr. Travis Bradberry, LinkedIn influencer, wrote that letting problems stick around can drain your focus, determination and energy. On the other hand, move on – hone in on a solution, instead. This way, you won’t be stuck in the past and your business will be centered on the task in front of you.

4. Holding on to negative people
Negativity can run rampant at a business. In your laundromat, you should work to surround yourself with the best possible team. Bradberry explained that successful people avoid this type of colleague. This can mean hiring positive, motivated employees. It also means working with friends and advisors who support your business, not wallow in the bumps along the way.

There are plenty of bad behaviors that you should avoid, but starting with these four can help keep your laundromat on the right track.