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How to become a more resilient business owner


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How to become a more resilient business owner

Resilience is an important trait to have, but it is unfortunately one that can seem just out of reach for an entrepreneur or business owner. At its core, resiliency is all about never giving up. The road may be rocky, and the times could be tough, but you’ll keep going anyway. Your eyes are on the bigger picture.

Here are five tips to be a more resilient laundry business owner:

1. Be uncomfortable
In an article for Entrepreneur magazine, Gib Mason, COO at UMBC Training Center, explained that being uncomfortable is a key part of resiliency. You can’t be resilient without a few hurdles along the way, and these hurdles will make you uncomfortable from time to time. The trick is to embrace that feeling and run with it. We all do some of our best work when we’re outside our comfort zone, plus it means you’ll be motivated, dedicated and driven. Don’t worry if you feel uncomfortable.

2. Always be honest
Another important part of resiliency is honesty. Mason noted that honesty and transparency will help you build trust in your business. If your team trusts one another, you’ll be more able to withstand the ups and downs of your industry. Not only will you be more resilient, but so too will your organization. Honesty will mean you’ll trust each other’s guidance and wisdom and you’ll all be working toward a common goal – and be much harder to distract along the way.

3. Don’t fret the destination
Many times, your business will set a goal or embark on a path that doesn’t have a clearly defined outcome. Don’t worry about it. Business owners who are afraid of the destination – or coming up short – will be less resilient. They don’t trust themselves and their team to get the job done. So, if you have a business goal in mind, set the structure in place and have faith that you’ll end up in the right place.

4. Improve your communication
Next on this list is communication. How you interact inside and outside your business will be a tell-tale sign of resiliency. According to Business 2 Community, you can’t just communicate well. Resilient communication means talking candidly when things get tough. If you encounter a problem, don’t ignore it. Face it head on, communicate with the people involved and share your ideas. This will keep your business moving in the right direction and prevent a lack of communication from getting in the way of your resiliency.

5. Solve problems
The final element of a resilient business is problem solving. All of these above elements factor into problem solving as well, but you should also dedicate some time and effort to this process. Business 2 Community suggested gathering information, planning ahead, using reason and creativity to improve your problem solving. Above all else, create an organizational structure that is conducive to problem solving. You want to have the tools in place, but you also want to encourage your team to focus on this task and embrace the possibilities.

Overall, a resilient business is one that can handle any challenge. It remains a problem for many professionals, though, so don’t worry if you still need to improve your resiliency. Follow these five tips to get started. Better communication, problem solving, an open mind and honesty will all help you steel your business against risks, speed bumps and other problems that could come your way. And, at the end of the day, that’s what your laundry business needs to excel.