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How to reduce utility costs at your laundry business


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How to reduce utility costs at your laundry business

Any business has a few specific ways to cut costs and increase profits. For the laundry industry, one of the smartest solutions is to address utility bills.

How much you spend on water, HVAC and electricity will directly impact the solvency of your business. For many companies, it may seem like saving money here is a near impossibility. This isn’t true, however, and for laundry businesses, there are actually a number of viable solutions.

Here are five ways to reduce utility costs in your store (or stores):

1. More efficient HVAC
The first place you should look for cost savings is your HVAC. Keeping your business warm or cool year-round is a daunting – and sometimes expensive – challenge. Thankfully, you have options.

“Look for simple fixes before investing more money.”

For starters, look for simple fixes. Do you have central air? If so, inspect your vents. Remove all blockages, dirt and dust, and swap out older air filters with new replacements. Keep in mind that open vents save money – it ensures the air is entering the room and your thermostat has an accurate reading.

You can also opt for cheaper fixes. Use fans to move the air around your stores. During the summer, aim fans upward to shoot hot air to the ceiling. Reverse the direction in the winter. While you can’t change the temperature with a fan, moving the air around can make things much more comfortable – and reduce the strain on your HVAC system.

2. Cost-effective machines
Your equipment is another key area of expenses. However, small tweaks here can actually end up saving you a lot of money. For example, consider these options:

  • Shorter drying time per load
  • Lower dryer temperature
  • Longer cool-down period
  • Colder water temperature
  • Clean dryer vents
  • Larger machines

All of these steps can lead to lower energy bills for your business. If costs are still too high, you could also charge more per load to offset the expenses.

LaundromatThe right machine can make a big difference.

3. Automatic lighting
Your energy usage can soar with constant fiddling, like an up-and-down thermostat or on-and-off lighting. To solve that problem, you can turn to automation.

For example, one laundromat owner decided to install timers for the security lighting and overhead lights. For a 24-hour store, that meant the lights would automatically turn on when it got dark and turn off when the sun came up. These simple controls can result in significant energy savings per month, especially considering the initial investment.

4. Sealed laundromats
It doesn’t take a big crack to let all of your hot or cold air escape outside. In fact, a substantial portion of energy costs come from lost heating and cooling. It could be an open door or window or the gap between the door and floor.

With that in mind, you can quickly save some money by sealing up your business. A trip to the nearest home improvement store for some caulk will close the gaps between windows and doors. You can also invest in weatherstripping or similar products to keep air in and out. More sizeable investments, like a double-door or a revolving door, can do more to keep your energy bill down.

5. Better technology
Technology is another great tool for business owners. Some possible solutions include:

  • Laptops – Laptops are more energy-efficient compared to bigger desktops.
  • Virtual meetings – If you need to meet with employees or colleagues, consider virtual conferences instead of face-to-face ones.
  • Data collection – You can also use technology to track your energy consumption and make more educated decisions.

All in all, your energy bills are something very much in your control. If you want to start saving money, consider these tips to make your laundry business a more efficient place of operation.