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Prepare laundromat for summer weather

The summer weather may have some laundromat owners looking to alter their preparations for their building. Looking at some good options to make the business function better and be more economical may be a good way to ensure that both employees and customers are happy.

Keep the building cool
There are a number of options that can help improve the indoor temperature of the facility, especially in the hottest months of the year.

  • Check the air conditioning system – Having a functional air conditioning system can be crucial for any business, especially for one where customers will be in the building for the duration of their work being done. A comfortable customer is more likely to be happy with their experience, so ensuring that necessary repairs and maintenance are made to the system is necessary.
  • Seal windows and doors – Another important task is to consider adding sealant to the windows, and putting weather stripping on the doors of the building. These will help cut down on the amount of air that passes through, helping keep the stress off of the air conditioning system and aiding in the temperature remaining at a good level.

Save money while making alterations
Having a building that remains comfortable for everyone can be nice, but it is also not always cheap. This is why it may be a good idea to consider seeking out ways to conserve funds when improving the building climate.

  • Run air conditioner when people are present – Another option is to consider turning off the air conditioner during hours where the laundromat is closed. If there is no one there to enjoy the temperature, keeping it running is just wasting energy and money. Timers may work best to ensure that it doesn’t get left on all night.
  • Turn off electricity when not in use – Electric bills are higher in the summer, so having everything shut off when not using them can help keep the cost increases at a minimum.

Having the right options for improving a laundromat can be important, but they also can be quite expensive. When it is time to make some major or minor alterations to the building, it could be a good idea to consider the options available from Eastern Funding. We provide a number of financing plans that could help the business get on its feet, or even thrive while undergoing a new project.