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The Eastern Way: Fundamental #10 – Be Proactive


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Being proactive leads to greater success.

This week’s fundamental was written by Melanie Sauer. Melanie Sauer has over 15 years in the banking industry. Her career started out with Chase Auto Finance in Garden City, NY, as a Primary Collections Specialist. Melanie moved with the company to Tampa, FL, to commence working in the Lease Termination Department in the new Florida location where she specialized in Property Tax Collections. Upon returning from Tampa, Melanie began working with Sovereign Bank as a Customer Service Representative and worked her way up to the Marketing Manager position for the Commercial Equipment and Vehicle Finance Division. It was at Sovereign that she was promoted to an Assistant Vice President of Marketing. Melanie joined the Specialty Vehicle Funding Group in July 2014 as a Sales Associate and is excited to further her career and expand her in-depth knowledge in banking with the vehicle financing market.

Get to the customers and vendors before they get to us. Anticipate future needs and address them today. Preventing issues is always more effective then fixing them.

In today’s society where everything is at your fingertips and needed now it is important to know your customer and let them know that you are one step ahead so you show that you are just as invested in the relationship. Today’s customer is not so much concerned with loyalty it is more on who treated them right and made it easy to do business with. When you are proactive and get a step or steps ahead of the customer to make the process easy and stress free it is always appreciated and makes them stay.

The same goes for vendors, it is important for them to know that you are just as invested in the customer as they are. You can do this by staying in touch with them and letting them know the status before they call or email you. It is just as important to try to solve any problems before letting the vendor or customer know. Obviously you can’t prevent all problems but you can do your best to make sure it doesn’t happen again in future.